Being a customer focused company, Selaco takes its pride to supply the aluminium profiles in good quality. From billet to extruded section, stringent quality control take place to ensure conformance to specification.
Inspection Purpose
Spectrometer To check the chemical composition of the billet/ extrusion
Pin Tester(Reduce Pressure Test) To check the gas content in the billet
Pyrometer To check the temperature of the profile during extrusion
Non-destrustive Hardness Tester To check the hardness of aluminium profile
Profile Projector To determine the dimension of the profile
Tensile Testing Machine To determine the tensile strength of the profile
Tensile Testing Machine
Profile Projector

To ensure that the extruded section can meet the world standard compliance, Selaco use the international standard for reference to control the quality of the aluminium profiles.
Process Standard Used
Extrusion Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS H4100-1988)
British Standard (BS 1474:1987)
American National Standard (ANSI-H35.2(M)-1993)
Deutsche Norm (DIN 17 615)
Australian Standard (AS 1866-1986)
Anodising Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS H8601-1992)  
British Standard (BS 1615:1987)  
Deutsche Norm (DIN 17 611)  
Australian Standard (AS 1231-1985)

Die Dimensions Caliper Every Die
Billet Alloy Composition (Spark Emission) Spectrometer Every Cast
Billet Preheat Temperature Temp. Controller Hourly
Die Oven Temp Temperature Temp. Controller Hourly
Container Temperature Temperature Temp. Controller Hourly
Extrusion Pressure Hydraulic Pressure Pressure Indicator Hourly
Profile Inspection Dimensions & Thickness Caliper, Micrometer & Profile Projector About every 1/2 hour
Surface Finish Check Visual Defect By Visual 100%
Cut Length Length Measuring Tape Per Job
Aging Temperature & Soaking Time Temp. Controller & Timer Per Batch
Hardness Check Webster Hardness B Scale Webster Hardness Tester Per Batch
Tensile Testing Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Tensile Testing Machine Per Load
Final Inspection Visual Dimension BY Visual, Caliper & Isoscope Per Batch
Packing Type Of Packing
Per Order