Every success extrusion begins with good design practices. With our years of experiences and exposure to various industries application, Selaco is in a good position to assist the customer to design a profile that suit their needs.

Here are a few tips on good-design practices:

  • Consider the right shape configuration that best suit your functional need. Extrusion are basically classified into solid, hollow and semi-hollow shapes.

  • Specify the most appropriate metal thickness and keep it as uniform as possible. Remember to keep sufficient thickness to avoid risking distortion or damage.

  • Select the correct tolerance on critical or important dimension. The Customer may choose from any international standard such as ANSI H35.2, BS 1474 or JIS H4100 for specification.

  • Choose the right alloy and temper to meet the require strength, machine ability, surface finish and etc.
Slip-Fit Joints
Hinge Joints
Snap-Fit Joints
Beside having good design practice in profile, a successful extrusion requires a well fabricated die too. Selaco is capable of fabricating complete extrusion die with full range of in-house facilities. Latest CAD/CAM technology with machining center are used to fabricate high complexities die. Equipped with fluidised-bed heat treatment facilities. Selaco is able to fabricate new customised die in a short lead time and produce FA sample for customer to fabricate the prototype.
Lead Time
Die Completion
FA Sample
Solid Die
7 to 14 days
10 to 18 days
Simple Hollow Die
14 to 21 days
18 to 25 days
Special Hollow Die
within 4 weeks
within 1 1/2 month
Some of our Bazaar Sections can be summarised as follows; please click on the underlined.

Equal Angle :
Equal Channel :
Flat Bar :
Round Bar :
Rectangular Hollow :
Round Tube :
Square Bar :
Square Hollow :
Tee Bar :
Unequal Angle :
Unequal Channel :
Group of 9 :

 Our Die fabrication equipment include the following:
  • CNC Machining Center.
  • CNC Wire Cut Machine.
  • Electric Discharge Machine (EDM).
  • Conventional Milling and Lathe.
  • Radial Arm Drilll.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Band Sawing Machine.
  • Fluidised-Bed Heat Treatment

CNC Machining

Electric Discharge Machine (EDM Spark)