Aluminium is fully and repeatedly recyclable. Aluminium can be recycled over and over without any degradation or loss of its innate characteristics.

At Selaco, in-house aluminium recycle facilities remelt and cast the extrusion off-cuts, billet butt-ends and QC rejects into quality billet suitable for extrusion. The melting furnace melts the metals at about 750c while maintaining the roof temperature at not more than 1300c.

After the metal had been melted, alloyed and stirred, a sample will be collected to check its chemical composition using the spark emission method. Direct chilled vertical casting is employed to cast the billet down to the length of 5000mm.
8 Tons Melting Furnace
Billet Homogenisation Furnace
As part of its commitment and responsibility to protect and preserve the environment, Selaco has through all these years improve its facilities in order to control pollution as per subjected by the Environmental Quality Act 1974.

Selaco has recently upgraded its wastewater treatment facilities to cope with the increasing number of production activities. The physico-chemical treatment plant, which also incorporated a new Biopac system are designed for 24 hrs operation with the maximum capacity of 400cu.m. effluent per day. A certified laboratory is being appointed to analyse treated water which being discharged into the main drain.

The wastewater treatment plant is also equipped with 850L chamber filter press to enhance sludge dewatering capability. Dewatered aluminium hydroxide sludge are then being processed into a less hazardous liquid alum solution which could be used as a water treatment chemicals with few additional process.

Selaco has also taken great effort in controlling air pollution. A vertical packed column scrubber which is capable to treat phosphoric and nitric acid fumes from anodising process is a new features available. The scrubber act as a ventilation system, drawing most of contaminated air and chemical fumes from the anodising plant into the scrubber packed column before exhausting through an exhaust stack.

A scheduled air monitoring programme is conducted annually for every gases emission stack, which include the scrubber and boiler stack.
Filter Press For Aluminium Sludge
Fume Scrubber