Selaco possesses 4 extrusion lines extruding various shapes of aluminium section with different alloy and temper. All presses are equipped with on-line billet saw or hot-shear in order to optimise the input material. While all 4 presses are Taiwan made (Cheng Hua (2200 Ton, 880 Ton), Yuan Shang (1800 Ton), Jin Jie (1375 Ton)), the associate equipment such as billet heater, puller, ageing oven are of western origin. These include Granco-Clark and Gerref of USA, Mechatherm of UK and Furnace Engineering of Australia.
Alloy AA6063, 6061
Temper T4 , T5 and T6
Max. length 7200mm
Max CCD 230mm
Standard Compliance:
Japanese Industrial Standard JISH4100 (Default)
American National Standard ANSI H35.2
British Standard BS 1474
Deutsche Norm DIN 17615
Australian Standard AS 1866

Aluminium extrusion process is a heating cycle. Control of temperature at various stage is essential. At the start of the process, aluminium billets are preheated up to about 450C ~ 480C while the die is heated to 430C. As the billet is extruded throught the die orfice, the extruate leaves the die at 510C or higher. Depending on the temper requirement (T5 or T6), forced air-cooling or water quenching is employed to cool the extruate. Stretching is then carried out at room temperature, straightening the extrusion to the require straightness. After cutting to customer require length, artificial ageing is done at about 185C ~ 205C for 3 to 6 hours depending on temper requirement. During the ageing process, magnesium silicide (Mg2Si) Precipitates from solid solution at elevated temperature to harden and strengthen the extrusion. This process is also known as Precipitation Hardening.

Extrusion Heat Cycle
2200 Ton Press Machine